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Care Home Open Day - 16th June

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As part of National Care Home Open Day on the 16th June we are opening our doors to the local community and hosting a Big Lunch!

Join us on the 16th as we take part in The Big Lunch and dish up a delicious lunch, some entertainment and plenty of good company to celebrate Care Home Open Day.

The Big Lunch is part of the Eden Project in Cornwall and an annual event that aims to get as many people as possible to share lunch together in an act of friendship.
It's an occasion to connect with our community and help prevent isolation for those who may be living alone.

The Big Lunch is the perfect recipe for having fun with your neighbours, feeding community spirit and helping to build stronger neighbourhood connections – so fits in nicely with the Care Home Open Day ethos and our own!

So pop the date in your diary and join us for a fun lunch, everyone is welcome!

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