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Happy Birthday Bernice!

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"A Glass of Whisky a day helped Mum reach 101!"
Son of our resident Bernice Quail jokingly explains the secret to her longevity... and told us a little more about her life, too!

Originally from Manchester, Bernice
moved to Liverpool in her early
childhood. Bernice was married twice.
Sadly her first husband was killed in
World War Two leaving her a widow
with three-year-old daughter, Sandra.
After the war she met and married Jack,
with whom she had a son, Stephen.
Bernice now has six grandchildren and
seven great-grandchildren!

She lived in Liverpool and worked in
the city centre throughout The Blitz. Stephen says she talked of walking to work in the mornings "not knowing if her office would still be standing."

After the war, Bernice and Jack founded Goodway Hampers in the 1950s, a family Christmas Hamper business which kept her busy till retirement at 65.

When Jack passed away, Bernice continued to live in the family home with only the help of a weekly cleaner and regular visits from her two children. Last August, a family wedding abroad
would mean the whole family would be away for a week. A short stay at The Hazelwell was planned for Bernice, and the family were happy that Bernice would be looked after and cared for properly.

When the family returned, Bernice announced that she wanted to move in permanently!

Bernice recently celebrated her 101st birthday, enjoying a family lunch at one of her favourite restaurants, the Red Fox in Thornton Hough.

When asked about what the secret of Bernice’s long life might be, Stephen said:

“Mum has always being active both mentally and physically and I think that has played an important part, as must the regular glass of whisky at 6 o’clock every evening!

“Mum played golf until she was 90 and drove a car until she was 97 with never a point on her licence! She remains a keen bridge player. Perhaps one of the key factors for her longevity is her positive mental attitude – a born optimist who never complained.

“Life is always about the present and the future. She never dwells on the past. Mum is genuinely very happy at The Hazelwell. She is very
appreciative of the care and attention that all the staff gives her and the family has been very impressed too.”

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