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Hazelwell welcomes a new Deputy Manager

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We are delighted to introduce our new Deputy Manager, Sue Ball, who has followed her mother’s footsteps into a life-long career in the caring profession.

Sue, who is Wirral born and bred, is no stranger to the care industry, having worked in a wide variety of roles since leaving school having been inspired by her mother’s own career in care.

Sue started her career as a care assistant in a local care home before quickly progressing to senior carer.

Finding the work rewarding Sue realised it was the career for her and went on to study nursing at the North Staffordshire School of Nursing in Stoke-on-Trent in 1988. Since then, she has used her skills and wide experience to benefit the lives of the elderly and people with dementia working in various care homes.

Sue will support our care home Manager, Kathryn McGuinness, in heading up the staff team.

Passionate about ‘person-centred care’ and a ‘dignity of care champion’, Sue’s first priority is to encourage The Hazelwell’s highly-trained staff to continue their high standards in dignity, respect, privacy and independence for the residents.

Sue, a mother herself, who lives on the Wirral with her husband Dave and son Dominic, said: “I’m so happy to be a part of the excellent team at The Hazelwell and to be able to offer my experience and passion to make it the best care home it can possibly be. It’s a wonderful thought that I followed my mother into this profession and here I am all these years later still loving it. I am really proud to have followed the same path as her.”

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