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We’re seeking all former Cleaver Hospital staff to join us for a reunion.

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If you worked at the Cleaver Hospital over the years then we hope you’ll accept our invitation to a special cheese and wine get-together where you can meet up with old workmates, here at The Hazewell!

Originally called the West Derby, Liverpool and Toxteth Park Hospital it opened in 1902 and became known as the Cleaver Sanatorium – named after a man called H. P. Cleaver who was the driving force behind its construction. From 1913 it was a children’s hospital. When World War Two began and brought with it the danger of air raids its young patients were evacuated to North Wales and adults took their places. The Home Guard also operated from the building.

As the Cleaver Hospital was a sanatorium – a medical facility for long-term illness, most typically tuberculosis, also known as consumption – its location on the edge of the River Dee, where the air was reputed to be pure, is said to have helped restore the health of the TB patients.

The Cleaver Hospital closed in 1983, following the opening of Arrowe Park Hospital in Upton. In 1988 the building and land was sold for £2.5million.

The hospital was demolished and the Oldfield Gardens estate was built on the site. The remaining nurses’ accommodation was opened as Cleaver Residential Home in 1989, before it also closed, sometime in the Noughties

Now, it’s The Hazelwell, we’re a family-run business, we offer residential, nursing, palliative and respite care home, built to a high standard. Its 55 elegantly appointed bedrooms all have en-suite bathrooms and its facilities also include a cinema, gym, library and rooftop terrace with views over the River Dee.

Home manager Liza quotes
“The site The Hazelwell now sits on used to be home to the nurses’ home of the Cleaver Hospital. I believe there are many nurses that used to work here who are still based in Wirral, so we thought it would be a great idea to get all former employees together under one roof for a lovely reunion evening with cheese and wine to swap old stories and catch up. It would be the first time they have all met up in 33 years. I’m sure they would find it fascinating to see what building looks like inside now so it would be fantastic to show them around.”

Any former employees of the Cleaver Hospital who would like to register their interest in the reunion evening can call Liza on 0151 342 9654 or email

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