Dementia Care

Our state-of-the-art, purpose built care home offers exemplary standards of care within a comfortable and homely setting. We strongly believe in giving each and every one of our residents the opportunity to lead the life they want, and we strive to give them the independence to do so, whilst ensuring they know that we are here to help whenever they need it. For our residents with higher dependency needs, such as with Dementia, it is our goal to create a safe and caring environment where they can get the most out of every day, and receive the necessary amount of support. 

We are proud to support our Dementia Care team in their ongoing training, which we encourage them to undertake, so that they can be fully knowledgeable in all areas of Dementia Care.

What it means to receive Dementia Care

Like with all of our residents, the needs of our residents with dementia may differ vastly. Some may just require additional support with going about their daily lives, while others may need constant care and attention. In every room and throughout the building, there are Call Bell Systems installed. This enables our teams to provide around-the-clock care, and residents can feel confident knowing that whether it’s night or day, they can receive immediate assistance with the press of a button.

Personalised Dementia Care 

At The Hazelwell Care Home, we appreciate each and every resident for the unique individual that they are. This means also appreciating that their medical needs are unique too and right from the early stages of your journey with us, we will arrange to have a discussion with you and your loved ones, so we can work together to create a personalised care plan that meets your specific needs. As well as meeting medical needs, our teams work closely with our dementia residents to provide them with personal and social support to provide added comfort and positive engagement to their lives.


Dementia Care at The Hazelwell Care Home

Our secure yet calm and friendly home has been thoroughly designed with our dementia residents in mind, from the way our home is laid out to the cutlery supplied at mealtimes. We have extensive experience in working with residents with memory loss and other dementia-related symptoms, which means we can provide an unwavering level of support to our residents. Our experience has taught us how best to care for our dementia residents, which is why we have adapted our home and processes to include the very latest in dementia approaches and techniques. We aim to relieve any, if not all of the frustrations and tensions associated with Dementia through a mixture of skilled medical care, thoughtfully planned activities, social and mental stimulation, and constant engagement and support.

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When Is Dementia Care The Best Solution?

Living with dementia can cause daily challenges for the person affected, as well as their loved ones and caregivers. Our specially-trained staff have undergone the training and assessments required to understand dementia, and are fully committed to enabling our residents to live a fulfilling, respectful life as independently as possible. We offer support and guidance throughout the whole journey, and will work closely with residents, their friends and family to get a better understanding of their lives so that we can create a care plan that will assure they are most happy and comfortable with us here at The Hazelwell.

Offering You Exceptional Care

Our staff at The Hazelwell are continuously aiming to go above and beyond for our residents, providing them with a personalised and homelike experience. We are proud of the vast range of care options we can provide to residents and you can rest assured that our staff are supportive of not just medical needs, but also prioritise the physical, emotional and lifestyle needs of our residents too.

What Our Dementia Care Package Includes

As well as the care provided as part of your personal plan, we also have additional medical services covered to ensure that you are receiving the very highest standard of care.

GP Visits

When it comes to GP visits, our friendly team is on hand to help you book regular appointments, and arrange your transport and will also attend your appointment with you if you would like the additional support.

Frequent Dentist Visits

In order to look after the oral health of our residents, we arrange for a Dentist to provide check-ups and treatments if necessary.

Optician Appointments

We ensure that all residents are frequently having their visual needs assessed and monitored by an Optician.

Chiropodist Access

Attention from a Chiropodist may be required for some of our residents and these appointments can be easily arranged by one of our helpful members of staff.

Physiotherapy Sessions

We understand the benefits that regular Physiotherapy Sessions can have, which is why we arrange for a Physiotherapist to come to the home for those residents who may need help improving strength, flexibility and balance.

Live Life to the Full at The Hazelwell

Every single member of staff at Hazelwell Care Home appreciates the importance of getting to know our residents on a personal level. We want to learn all about our residents, from life experiences to their interest; no detail is too small. We want to make sure our residents can continue to live the life they want, and we strive to achieve this through our various facilities and the activities we host.

Get in Contact Today

Our friendly team is on hand to answer any queries you may have regarding our Dementia Care, or any of our other care types and facilities. You can get in contact with us on 0151 342 9654 or via email at Alternatively, you can fill out our online Enquiry Form and someone will be in touch. We look forward to speaking with you.