Making the decision to move into a new home isn’t always easy and can often raise many questions. At The Hazelwell Care Home, we want the transition to our home to be seamless and stress-free for both those who become residents and their loved ones. 

Whether it’s questions about admission, accommodation or our all-inclusive activities programme, our helpful and friendly team are happy to assist with any queries you may have. To help, we have put together an extensive list of our most frequently asked questions, and should you have any further questions then please feel free to get in contact with us.

Care Questions

Respite Care varies on a case-by-case basis but can last anywhere from a week to several months. At The Hazewell, a minimum length of stay applies for our Respite Care. Please contact our friendly team for more information. 

As a care home located in England, The Hazelwell undergoes inspections carried out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which is an independent regulator who monitor, inspect and regulate health and social care services.

It can be difficult to know when it’s the right time to make the decision to move into a care home, whether that be for yourself or a loved one. It is important that the decision meets the best interests of the person who is potentially moving into a care home and there are certain signs that you can look for that will help you know when the time is right. For instance, if you notice any disorientation, confusion, or changes in eating habits then these could be an indication to seek further support. Similarly, if you as a carer feel as though you can no longer offer the care that the person needs, or don’t feel confident that they can live independently then this also may signify that it’s the right time to think about alternative care. If you feel as though you need further advice and guidance then please get in touch with our team, who will be happy to discuss your situation and provide you with the support and reassurance you need.

Upon admission to our care home, a personal assessment is carried out for each resident to better understand their overall health and wellbeing. We then work closely with the resident, their friends and family to create a care plan that is personalised to their needs, which is then agreed by all involved. Our team is proactive and regularly monitors the medical requirements of our residents, so care plans can be adjusted accordingly to ensure residents are always receiving the best type of care for them.

We regularly assess the needs of all of our residents and in cases where care requirements change during a residents stay with us, we will adapt their medical care as necessary. It is common for Nursing Care needs to change, which is why we create individualised care plans for each resident so that they can be amended according to their needs.

Our Residential Care is ideal for individuals who are mostly self-sufficient but benefit from having a little extra support here and there, or just simply like the idea of living with others. Nursing Care on the other hand, is given to residents who are a bit more limited to what they can do, have higher dependency needs, or require end-of-life care.

At The Hazelwell Care Home, we are proud to offer a whole range of care types including Residential, Nursing, Dementia and Respite Care. We also offer day care for those who need that extra bit of support every now and then. Our team are highly-trained and specialised in providing a number of other care types, such as support for those with cancer, speech and visual impairments and cerebral palsy. Please get in touch with our friendly team to learn about the other types of care we provide.

Care during Covid-19 Questions

Every resident will be supported to choose an essential caregiver to benefit from companionship and additional care and support provided by someone with whom they have a personal relationship. Essential caregivers can visit in periods of outbreak and when their friend or family member in a care home is isolating. If a care home resident has tested positive for COVID-19, essential caregiver visits can be made in exceptional circumstances (for example, severe distress or end of life) with appropriate IPC support, and consideration of vulnerability and vaccination status of the essential caregiver.

At any time, the COVID-19 regulations and guidance from the Government, National and Local Healthcare Agencies may change. For further information, please click here or contact the Home Manager directly. 

We encourage residents to take part in visits out of the care home. This could be for a short walk, to attend a place of worship, for education, to attend work or for a longer visit, including an overnight stay to see family and friends.  A risk assessment will be completed by the Home ahead of the visit.

Care home workers and anyone entering a care home will need to be fully vaccinated unless they are exempt under the regulations. The Registered persons (or those acting on behalf of the registered person) to check that all persons wishing to enter the care home have received a full course of COVID-19 vaccination unless they are exempt. This includes checking, for example, care home staff, health care professionals, CQC inspectors, tradespeople, hairdressers, and beauticians.


Any newly admitted residents to a care home who are transferring from an interim care facility or transferring from another care home, will not need to sell isolate upon arrival as long as they meet the below requirements:

  • Local guidance from the director of public health about community transmission of variants of concern is followed.
  • The person is fully vaccinated wherever possible.
  • The person is subject to an enhanced testing regime consisting of a PCR test before admission within 72 hours, a PCR test on the day of admission, and a further PCR test 7 days following admission.
  • The person admitted has no known contact with anyone that has tested positive from COVID-19.
  • The care home has taken into account the circumstances at the care home or interim care facility from which they are transferring prior to admission.


The overall health, safety and wellbeing of our residents is at the core of everything we do at The Hazelwell. We go above and beyond just medical care, and our team goes to great lengths to learn about each and every resident so we can provide them with personalised, around-the-clock care, as well as support their hobbies and interests.

We have invested in high-quality technology to keep residents of The Hazelwell Care Home well and truly connected with their loved ones. We have made sure that our internet is both fast and reliable, so online video calls can be arranged between residents and their friends and family whenever they wish and for however long they like. No matter if it’s night or day, our care home is contactable 24/7.

Regular LFT and PCR testing for staff and residents is ongoing and is in line with Government, national and local agencies.

At any time, the COVID-19 regulations and guidance from the Government, National and Local Healthcare Agencies may change. For further information, please click here or contact the Home Manager directly. 


In line with recent Government recommendations effective from April 2022, care homes in England no longer have restrictions as to the numbers of visits per resident though we ask that you make arrangements in advance of your visit to ensure safe visiting practices can be maintained. LFT testing is no longer mandatory, though to protect the safety and wellbeing of our residents and teams, we would appreciate your support in continuing to do so. Appropriate guidance for using PPE must be followed whilst visiting.

At any time, the COVID-19 regulations and guidance from the Government, National and Local Healthcare Agencies may change. For further information, please click here or contact the Home Manager directly.


Every resident and staff member are actively encouraged to have their vaccinations including the booster jab, although the decision to acquire the vaccine is ultimately up to each individual resident. As of the 15th December, staff will be required to take a lateral flow test daily and a PCR test weekly. Residents will also be required to test regularly.

We require all future residents to pass two negative tests prior to the date of admission. We then request that new residents stay in isolation for up to 14 days following the negative results to ensure the safety of all staff and existing residents. During this time however, we make the most of getting to know our new residents and helping them become acquainted with their new surroundings and carers.

Facilities Questions

Absolutely! If anything, we encourage and motivate our residents to get involved as much as they want in the running of the home, as we feel this helps maintain both routine and independence. We want our residents to feel like valued members of The Hazelwell Care Home family and understand that everything that happens in our home has an affect on our residents, so we welcome their opinions and suggestions and will take these on board to better improve their experience with us.

Much like our Activities Programme, the entertainment that we host in our home is just as varied. We welcome a plethora of guests to our home, from musicians such as pianists and ukelele bands, to animals for our pet therapy sessions. When we’re not inviting entertainment into our home, we are putting it on ourselves and we arrange a selection of social events such as pub quizzes and board game tournaments.

Our Activity Coordinators are fantastic at putting together a varied and stimulating programme of activities, ensuring that our residents always have something to look forward to. We offer an array of extensive activities, from our dedicated arts & crafts sessions, dance lessons and group excercises, to trips out to local garden centres and churches. No matter at what pace our residents want to enjoy life, we make sure we offer activities that they can participate in.

Perfect for relaxing and unwinding, our Rooftop Salon gives residents the opportunity to have some well-deserved pampering. From hairdressing services such as cuts and blow dries, to manicures and pedicures, our salon will be sure to leave residents feeling and looking great.

We’re very fond of the mealtimes we have at The Hazelwell Care Home, as we think they provide the perfect opportunity for our residents to socialise, whether that be with other residents in one of our sophisticated dining rooms, or with family and friends in our celebrations room. In the summer, we allow our residents to dine alfresco on the terrace or one of our many other dining areas. Residents also have the opportunity to have room service if they prefer to eat in the comfort of their own bedroom. We believe our residents should be able to enjoy the finer things in life, and we feel as though our on-site chefs do just that.

We have a wide range of facilities at The Hazelwell Care Home, which we are very proud to be able to offer our residents. We feel as though we truly have something we can offer all our residents, whether it be our state-of-the art Cinema Room, our beautiful Garden Terrace or our relaxing Rooftop Salon. In addition to our facilities, we organise a varied and stimulating activities programme that we encourage all residents to participate in, whether they take place  in our home or in the local community.

Finance Questions

All fees that are associated with your Care Agreement shall be terminated from the date of death. From this date, accommodation will then be paid for up to ten days or until the home is emptied of any personal belongings. 

If you are in the position where you believe you can no longer afford to stay with us at The Hazelwell Care Home, then it is essential that you let us know as soon as possible so we can help in the most effective way we can. We will then exhaust all options, such as assessing alternative funding sources or transferring you to a different type of accommodation.

Your Weekly Residence Fee covers all of your medical care which includes, but is not limited to, GP visits and access to an Optician and Dentist. As well as your medical care, our fee covers a whole host of facilities, such as your accommodation, dining and use of any of our onsite amenities like our Salon and Cinema Room. All our activities are optional but should our residents wish to take part then these too are covered by your fee.

Depending on your specific circumstances (whether you require Funded Nursing Care or Continuing Health Care), you may be eligible for either Local Authority of NHS funding. We would strongly recommend seeking independent financial advice to find out more about your potential funding sources.

We accept two types of funding; those who wish to pay for their own care, know as self-financing residents, and also those who are publicly financed by the Local Authority or NHS.

Whilst you will be required to pay for your own care, you may be eligible to apply for financial support and funding to help you afford your stay with us here at The Hazelwell Care Home. If you would like guidance on what funding is available and how to apply for it then please get in touch with our team and they’d be happy to help.

Rooms & Suites Questions

In normal circumstances, we welcome loved ones to visit as often as they’d like to and just ask that we are made aware in advance of any visits after 9pm for security reasons. However, as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend family and friends contact us prior to visit so we can ensure all restrictions and guidelines are adhered to.

It is important to us that our residents feel right at home with us here at The Hazelwell Care Home, and to help with that, we actively encourage residents to make their rooms how they wish. This can include bringing personal belongings such as small pieces of furniture, and home decor pieces like photo frames and vases. Our spacious and beautifully decorated rooms will be sure to do the rest.

We appreciate the many benefits that come with having a furry or feathery companion. Regrettably at this time we cannot accommodate pets, however we would like to assure you that we frequently welcome animals to our home as part of our pet therapy sessions.

Our team at The Hazelwell Care Home goes above and beyond for each resident to ensure that their transition into our home runs as smoothly as it possibly can. We have team members that will provide assistance during the physical moving process as well as offering support for the following adjustment period. We understand that in some circumstances the relocation process can have an emotional toll on those involved, so we wish to reassure you that our team is on hand to provide support and guidance for both residents and their loved ones from the outset.

In our Residential Care facilities, we try our very best to accommodate couples who wish to move into our home together. Please get in contact with our friendly team to further discuss our availability for couples.

Yes, we fully understand that when making the decision to move into a new home, you have to be certain it’s right for you before you commit. That’s why we are delighted to offer trial periods, so you can experience what life at The Hazelwell Care Home is truly like and ask us any questions you may have before deciding on becoming a permanent resident with us.

Live Life to the Full at The Hazelwell

Whether it’s through the care we provide or the activities we organise, our wellbeing coordinators want to be as effective as we can be in providing residents with an all-inclusive environment where they feel appreciated, encouraged, and well-cared for. We are proud to offer support to not only residents but their loved ones too, as we strive to make sure everyone gets the most out of their experience with The Hazelwell Care Home.