About Hazelwell Care Home

Hazelwell Care Home is located within the blissful town of Heswall, Merseyside, where locals can enjoy scenic views of the River Dee. Our all-inclusive home consists of 55 modern en-suite bedrooms and a fantastic range of facilities. We also provide many specialist and elderly care services including Nursing, Dementia, Residential, and Respite Care. We take pride in providing as much assistance as is required to ensure that each of our residents live a full and meaningful life.

It’s essential to us that residents keep pursuing their passions and interests, and that they make the most of each day by doing what they enjoy. Visitors are welcome at any time, and we have an open-door policy for family and loved ones.

Respecting Every Person’s Individuality

We understand how difficult it is to make the decision to move into a care home, whether for yourself or for someone you care about. We believe that someone’s independence shouldn’t just vanish, regardless of their situation. Our wellbeing coordinators strive to ensure that at The Hazelwell Care Home you can continue to participate in the activities and hobbies you have always enjoyed. Everyone deserves a comfortable and dignified life, this is just one of many principles that The Hazelwell Care Home embraces.

Tailored Care Evaluations

Why should the healthcare of any of our residents be the same? After all, each and every one of our residents is unique, therefore why should their healthcare be any different? We are incredibly proud of the care we provide to each of our residents, as well as the individualised care plans we develop to ensure they receive the finest care possible. It is always an honour for us to get to know each of our residents on a personal level, as it allows us to deliver unrivalled around-the-clock care.

How We Provide The Best Care For Our Residents

Since the very beginning, our wellbeing coordinators have been committed to aiding our residents through whatever problems they may be faced with. We take great pleasure in creating an all-inclusive home that has complete access to a choice of individualised care options and where our staff take time to learn each resident’s unique talents and abilities. We want nothing more than to acknowledge and celebrate them, as well as help residents, reach their goals no matter how big or small.