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Whether individuals want to get that little bit closer to nature, take a walk around Hazelwell Care Home, or simply relax with a lovely cup of tea, our beautiful grounds and plethora of outdoor areas are some of the most ideal places to explore.

Maybe our resident’s are seasoned gardeners, or perhaps they’re just getting started when it comes to their experience in the world of planting, we encourage all of our residents to get involved in a variety of outdoor garden projects. There’s plenty of area in our gardens for them to do more of what they enjoy.

Every one of our residents is sure to appreciate Hazelwell Care Home’s outside amenities, which range from our lovely garden patio to our breathtaking views of the River Dee.

Explore Everything We Have to Offer

Here at The Hazelwell Care Home, we have so much to offer our residents. However, our outside spaces such as our gardens, our terrace and our patio areas are considered to be firm resident favourites. We encourage our residents to spend as much time outside as possible, as all of our outdoor spaces serve as fantastic opportunities to socialise with the people they know and love. However, every corner of Hazelwell Care Home is ready to be explored, and our grounds are certainly no exception.

Outdoor Patio

Embracing Nature In Everything We Do

We’ve worked hard to bring as many outside elements into our home as possible, and we’ve done so by making sure that our rooms are incredibly light and airy. We’ve also made sure that each and every inviting community space within our facility is just as welcoming and bright. Outside, The Hazelwell has a wonderful garden and beautiful views of the River Dee. Our garden is, and always has been, a vital part of our Care Home, and we encourage residents to take full advantage of it all year round, whether it’s with a cup of tea on the patio or a casual stroll around the grounds.

Outdoor Patio

What You’ll Find at The Hazelwell Care Home

We have considerately designed our care home to feature a variety of facilities and services that ensure our resident’s comfort and convenience, allowing them to feel fully supported.

Communal Garden

Beautiful River Views

Roof Terrace

Outside Areas FAQs

Our residents gain from spending time outdoors, which offers them fresh air, opportunities for outdoor activities, and a chance to connect with nature. This has numerous mental and physical advantages, including stress and anxiety reduction, improved mood, enhanced cognitive function, cardiovascular health, balance, and muscle strength.

Residents can partake in various outdoor activities like walking, gardening and exercise sessions. In suitable weather, they can dine with loved ones, engage in outdoor arts & crafts, and enjoy live entertainment.

Yes, our garden features wheelchair-accessible paths and seating for those with mobility challenges. It’s secure with proper fencing and gates to ensure residents’ safety. We’ve also taken measures like well-maintained paths, lighting, and other features to prevent falls or accidents.

Exceptional Care Tailored to You

It is with great pride that we deliver a wide range of care services at our local care home in Heswall, Liverpool. We are proud to have built a team of our own regular staff, so residents and their loved ones can feel reassured that they will consistently receive high-quality care and support that is tailored to them.

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