Outside Areas

Whether individuals want to get that little bit closer to nature, take a walk around Hazelwell Care Home, or simply relax with a lovely cup of tea, our beautiful grounds and plethora of outdoor areas are some of the most ideal places to explore.

Maybe our resident’s are seasoned gardeners, or perhaps they’re just getting started when it comes to their experience in the world of planting, we encourage all of our residents to get involved in a variety of outdoor garden projects. There’s plenty of area in our gardens for them to do more of what they enjoy.

Every one of our residents is sure to appreciate Hazelwell Care Home’s outside amenities, which range from our lovely garden patio to our breathtaking views of the River Dee.

Explore Everything We Have to Offer

Here at The Hazelwell Care Home, we have so much to offer our residents. However, our outside spaces such as our gardens, our terrace and our patio areas are considered to be firm resident favourites. We encourage our residents to spend as much time outside as possible, as all of our outdoor spaces serve as fantastic opportunities to socialise with the people they know and love. However, every corner of Hazelwell Care Home is ready to be explored, and our grounds are certainly no exception.

Making the Most of Every Day

Excursions such as exploring the Wirral area, going to the local stores and supermarkets, and visiting nearby cafes and tea rooms are often incredibly popular among our residents. There’s always something going on in and around The Hazelwell Care Home, and we urge all of the residents here, their families or those simply interested in what group living has to offer to take a look at our blog to discover what’s new!

Embracing Nature In Everything We Do

We’ve worked hard to bring as many outside elements into our home as possible, and we’ve done so by making sure that our rooms are incredibly light and airy. We’ve also made sure that each and every inviting community space within our facility is just as welcoming and bright. Outside, Hazelwell has a wonderful garden and beautiful views of the River Dee. Our garden is, and always has been, a vital part of our Care Home, and we encourage residents to take full advantage of it all year round, whether it’s with a cup of tea on the patio or a casual stroll around the grounds.

Our Outside Areas

Residents at Hazelwell Care Home now have access to a wider range of services than ever before. We can guarantee you that your loved ones will be looked after 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and this constant support really helps when it comes to allowing residents to participate in a variety of activities, including using any of our amazing outdoor spaces and areas.

Communal Garden

Our communal garden serves as a key point for each and every one of our residents. It’s the perfect place to relax, wander around, or pause for a moment of thought during a busy day.

Beautiful River Views

Our home looks onto the beautiful River Dee, famous for its abundance of salmon. So, if you or a loved one is a keen fisherman, there really is no place quite like Hazelwell Care Home.

Roof Terrace

This truly is the perfect place to take in the beautiful view and enjoy a little bit of what you fancy, whether that’s a slice of cake, a big cup of tea, or perhaps something stronger. Whatever it is, we’ve got it.

Live Life to the Full at The Hazelwell

We want you to know how much we value your presence, as well as the presence of your loved ones, here at Hazelwell Care Home. We’d like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to you as a new member of the Hazelwell Care Home family, and we would like to formally tell you just how much we look forward to getting to know you better. We strive to foster an atmosphere here at Hazelwell Care Home where our residents feel engaged, wanted, and respected no matter what, and we believe that our residents and their loved ones receive the individualised care they deserve.

Offering You Exceptional Care

At Hazelwell Care Home, we truly do feel like we have one of the best teams in the world, especially when it comes to making sure all of our residents get exactly what they need. Everyone at the Hazelwell Care Home offers a brand new perspective on how to improve life here, as well as a unique set of abilities to the facility. Each individual is dedicated to ensuring that our residents are well cared for at all times, and as a result, you can be assured that while residing at Hazelwell Care Home, you or your loved one will have nothing to worry about or fear.

Get in Contact Today

If there is anything important you would want to discuss with one of our friendly team members, please do not hesitate to call us on 0151 342 9654 or send us an email at info@thehazelwell.com. If you would prefer, you can simply complete our Enquiry Form on our website and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We really do hope to speak with you soon and help in absolutely any way we can.