Arts & Crafts

From painting to sewing and drawing to photography there’s always something new and interesting in our Activities Programme here at Hazelwell Care Home. We understand the multitude of benefits maintaining an active and creative lifestyle can have on residents, which is why Arts & Crafts sessions can always be found on the agenda. 

Participating in artistic activities has long been seen as a calming hobby as well as a brilliant way to meet new people. That is why we provide a variety of crafting activities and encourage our residents to get inventive due to the many physical and mental benefits it brings. All resident types are encouraged to participate and to be as creative as possible; whether they’re a seasoned craftsman or simply get pleasure from the process, our teams are ready to assist residents throughout every class.

Making the Most of Every Day 

All programmes and facilities at The Hazelwell Care Home have been built and developed in a way that is guaranteed to improve the lives of our residents. Our extensive Activities Programme is always varied and strives to entertain and motivate residents to participate every week. From indoor activities such as baking, to outdoor Day Trips visiting the beautiful Haswell, each week brings a new set of activities designed just for our residents.

We encourage our residents to engage with our Activities Programme by providing ample opportunity to be able to try new activities in a safe, controlled and regulated environment, and fill them with the confidence they need to continue living fulfilled and happy lives.

Resident Knitting

Classes to Inspire

We’ve always looked to our residents and beautiful surroundings to draw inspiration from when it comes to our Arts & Crafts programmes at The Hazelwell Care Home. Designed specifically for our wonderful residents, all classes aim to motivate and inspire every individual who participates in our programme.


Arts & Crafts FAQs

We understand that before making the decision to move in with us, our residents and their loved ones want to know everything they can about life here at The Hazelwell Care Home. To make that process a little easier, below you can find our most frequently asked Arts & Crafts related questions:

All Arts & Crafts sessions are varied and fun, with each class focusing on a different craft. From drawing to collage, and even sewing, we have plenty of opportunities for residents to get stuck into an activity they’ll thoroughly enjoy. Arts & Crafts has been proven to aid the health and wellbeing of individuals of all ages, including eldery, including positive mental effects and of course, achieving a great sense of satisfaction from creating something entirely from scratch.

Your creation is your property; should residents wish to proudly display their creation in your room, or if you would like to gift it to a friend, family member or fellow resident, they are more than welcome to do so. 

All activities that residents partake in here at The Hazelwell Care Home are included within the overall fee, including all art supplies. There may be individual exceptions to this, but they are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and discussed with residents and loved ones directly.

The Arts & Crafts sessions here at The Hazelwell Care Home run frequently and typically last between 1-3 hours, depending on the activity and residents are welcome to attend as many or as little classes as they wish. New schedules and activities are planned every week, so there’s never a dull moment.

Offering You Exceptional Care

Here at The Hazelwell Care Home, our staff dedicate themselves to executing unrivalled care, support and services to all residents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It gives us great pleasure to provide holistic care in a warm, welcoming and safe environment; working with residents and their loved ones, our staff ensure that every need is catered for and our residents feel at home, from the moment they arrive.

Our medical care is underpinned by a drive to support the wellbeing of residents. By fostering deep connections and creating ever lasting relationships with residents and their loved ones, allows us to cater to both health and wellbeing needs. Our approach goes beyond meeting care needs, it strives to care for the individual as a whole, allowing residents to live an enriched and varied life. We understand that creative activity undertaken regularly is linked to positive psychological function, which is why Arts & Crafts sessions will always be found on our Activities Programme.

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