Our Approach

Our entire approach is centred on caring for the person as a whole, including physical, emotional, and mental health, to ensure that both our residents and their close friends and family members feel at rest.

At Hazelwell, we believe that life is a reason to smile and should be enjoyed to the fullest. What sets us apart – and something we are quite proud of – is our meticulous attention to detail and high standards.

Customised Care to Meet Your Needs

Individuality is valued in our care, our wellbeing coordinators work closely with each resident and their family to develop comprehensive care plans which may be adjusted as needs change. Every resident is assigned a nurse or key worker in order to provide the appropriate level of assistance and consistent care. It is our top priority to make all of our residents feel safe, content, and at ease while they are in our care.

Bedroom at Hazelwell Care Home

Continual Assessments

We use a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) process to deliver a comprehensive medical evaluation by bringing together doctors from several disciplines in an organised and effective manner. Our residents will continue to benefit from regular assessments after the initial one, so they can be sure that they are receiving the finest possible care from our well-being coordinators.

Arrangements Catered to You

Our Home Manager will be happy to meet with you prior to your admission to The Hazelwell Care Home to answer any questions you may have about our all-inclusive facility, as well as any special needs or preferences you and your family may have. We understand that adjusting to your new surroundings might take some time, therefore we invite you and your loved ones to provide feedback and work with us at every step of the process so that we can deliver the most effective care possible.

Living area at Hazelwell Care Home

Live Life to the Full at The Hazelwell

The staff and wellbeing coordinators at Hazelwell Care Home in Wirral understand the value of getting to know the residents on a personal basis. No detail is too trivial, from their life experiences to their favourite activities, we want to know it all. We believe that providing residents with a cheerful, relaxed, and supportive all-inclusive environment is critical. We prioritise our residents to ensure that they have all they need for the day and that they receive superb standards of care and respect.